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Woodywonders Cat Tree

Woodywonders Cat Tree

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  • [Easily Blends into Your Home] Combining rustic brown with chic white, this modern cat tree with scratching posts easily blends in with most home styles and gives your space an upgrade
  • [65” Tall, Multi-Level Fun] Watching birds on the top perch, sleeping in the cave, or playing on the base board—this 65” tall cat tree offers varied fun on different levels for your cats and is ideal for multi-cat households
  • [Easy to Clean] The cushions can be cleaned with a lint roller for daily care and are removable and washable for deep cleaning. The veneered surface is smooth so you can use a cloth to wipe away hairs and dirt
  • [Next-Level Comfort] The cat climber comes with three 0.8" thick cushions that are well padded and covered with 500 g/m² plush—even denser, softer, and fluffier than common plush—letting your little furballs snooze and cuddle in softness
  • [Strong, Stable, Safe] Crafted with particleboard and tough-wearing sisal, equipped with a thickened base with non-slip pads underneath, and ensured by an anti-tip kit, this cat furniture piece is strong, stable, and safer for cats to climb up and down
  • [Spare Pompom] Whether your cat had a little too much fun with a pompom and damaged it or you’re not a fan of bells, this cat tower for indoor cats comes with a spare pompom without a bell so you can replace it as needed

Product Description

Cleaning Made Easier

Hassel-Free Daily Care

Use a cat comb or brush to easily remove the fur or food crumbs from the cat tree.

Removable, Washable Cushions

The cushions are removable for deep cleaning, effortlessly keeping your furry friends’ place clean.


  • Colour: Rustic Brown
  • Material: Particleboard, 500 g/m² Plush, Sisal
  • Product Size: 22.8"L x 15.7"W x 65"H (58 x 40 x 165 cm)
  • Product Weight: 31.7 lb (14.4 kg)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Cat Tree
  • 1 x Accessory Kit
  • 1 x Anti-Tip Kit
  • 1 x Instructions

Feandrea Notes:

  • If your fur friend starts to chew or eat the pompom or elastic band, please remove them and keep them out of the reach of your fur friend for a while.
  • Because cats love to jump and play, please attach the cat tree to the wall with the anti-tip kit included for safe use.

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22.8"L x 15.7"W x 65"H 22.8"L x 15.7"W x 65"H 26”L x 15.7”W x 33.9”H 26”L x 15.7”W x 33.9”H 17.3"L x 11"W x 24"H 19.7"L x 13.8"W x 45.3"H 15"L x 15"W x 28.7"H
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