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Pet Hair Cleaner Reusable Cat & Dog Hair Remover for Furniture

Pet Hair Cleaner Reusable Cat & Dog Hair Remover for Furniture

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NO batteries or power source required, simply use short back and forth strokes with the lint roller to capture all pet hair and lint into the dust receptacle. With this pet hair remover, it doesn’t take much time to remove pet hair from floors, sofas, carpets, clothes, and other surfaces. CONVENIENT The automatic cleaning of pet hair cleaner brush is more convenient. You just need to move back and forth to collect pet fur. Pet hair, lint, etc can easily be removed from furniture, couches, bedding, comforters, blankets, pet litters and more.You can take this hair removal tool to wherever you go by its small and easy to handle shape to get rid of pet hair. EASY CLEANING This pet hair lint remover can automatically store hair without manual cleaning and causing a mess. Press and hold the storage box switch and remove pet fur and throw it into the trash can. No need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper. The pet lint roller can be reused over and over again.It is durable and never breaks in use. Vita Lint Remover for Pet Hair, Pet Hair Remover, Dog Hair Remover, Cat Hair Remover, Remove Dog, Cat Hair from Furniture, Carpets, Couches, Beds, Clothing, Car & M This's also a Momther's Day gift.

  • NO MORE HAIR EVERYWHERE-Take the ‘fur’ out of ‘furniture’!Not just for pets, removes human hair too!

  • REUSABLE - This roller requires no adhesives or sticky tape, and can be used again and again.

  • SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT-No batteries or plugs. Just roll your rollers back and forth along any surface.

  • EASY CLEANING-When you’re done,press the button,open the remover and empty it out.Purr-fectly simple!

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE- Any questions? Pls reach out to our team any time!
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