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Elevated Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

Elevated Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

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Looking for a feeding bowl for your pet? Troubled not finding the right one? Our raised dog food bowl prevents poor posture to promote joint health and proper development at every growth stage. They are the best dog bowl feeders for senior dogs, fussy felines, and growing puppies in training.

  • 【Reduce Joint Stress】: The dog feeding station provides your pet with a comfortable and healthy eating position, which helps digestion. Eliminating the need for them to bend over to eat helps reduce stress on their necks and backs.
  • 【Four Adjustable Dog Bowl Holders】: This elevated feeder can be adjusted to four heights from 3.15 to 12.2 inches, allowing you to find the most comfortable feeding position for your dog. Makes it easier for dogs to eat and drink without having to keep their heads on the ground all the time. The professional slow feeder dog bowl effectively controls the eating speed and prolongs your pet's eating time, which reduces the possibility of obesity and improves digestion.
  • 【KEEP YOUR SPACE CLEAN】: Our dog food and water bowl with stand allows your pet to enjoy meals without making a mess. The dog bowl holder locks the bowl in place to prevent accidental spills, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up the mess. Thanks to the foldable design, it can be easily stored without taking up much space
  • 【Double Design of No Spill and Floating Tray】: In line with the dog's water drinking nature, in order to relieve excessive thirsty drinkers. This cleverly designed water bowl only refills when your dog's tongue is pressed against the floating disc, keeping your dog's mouth and whiskers from getting wet while preventing messy drinker spills.
  • 【Make Mealtime Easier】: The elevated pet bowl with non-slip feet makes it stable and prevents sliding while providing protection for your floors. The noise-free rubber ring allows your dog to enjoy a quiet meal. The legs can be folded and stored with the push of a button after use.
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