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Dog Travel Water Bottle

Dog Travel Water Bottle

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  • Dog Drinking and Eatting Bottle:Unlike the other dog bottle,our dog water bottles are designed especially for dog travel water bottle witch can hold 250ml water and 200ml food.No more thirsty and hungry when you walk your dog with our portable dog water bottle.Meanwhile,each part of this dog water bottle can be washed by hand easily.
  • Leak Proof:Silica gel seal ring inside the puppy water bottle and lock key design keep doggy water bottle from leaking, so this puppy water dispenser can put in your bag as dog walking water bottle with no worries, perfect water bottle for dogs.
  • Safe and Healthy:This dog portable water bottle made from high-quality, nontoxic PC and ABS material.Our portable water bottle for dogs guarantee of safe and durable, taking pet travel water bottle keeps your dog needs for a long way traveling.
  • Easy Button Operation:One button lock/open design for dog water dispenser enables one hand easily operated, with our portable dog drinking bottle you don't have to press the button all the time when feeding your dogs. You can also control water speed of this pet travel water bottle by adjusting the button.
  • Portable and Convenient:Suitable size of the dog water bottles for walking makes it easy to carry and put in bag.There is an entra sling with dog water dispenser for walks that we offering perfect for outdoor and daily use. The reasonable radian design of the dog hiking water bottle makes you comfortable to hold it when feeding your dogs.

Product Description

Do you often worry that your pets will get thisty and hungry when walking out?

Do you often worry that your pets drink dirty water while out for walking?

Are you often tired of carrying with a pet bottle and a bowl and many other stuff when traveling with your pets?

If so, why not get this multifunctional dog water bottle to solve these problems?

Portable Dog Water Bottle

  • Reusable design avoids wasting water; with the one-hand easy operation, you can control water flow and speed.
  • Hanging a rope on the top makes it easy to carry or put in bag, perfect for outdoor use.

Comfortable to Use

  • Wide sink allows your dog drink water more easily and more comfortably.
  • Perfect bottle body size enables comfortable hand grisp, easier to feed your pets.

Pet Water Bottle and Food Bowl

  • Two layers’ design enables to hold water and food in the meantime during outdoor walking.
  • Every separate part makes it easy to clean and wash after usage.

Leak-proof and High Quality

  • Silica gel seal ring inside the bottle body and lock key design keep the bottle from leaking.
  • Made of high quality PC and ABS material, can also hold hot water, juice and milk.

Water Bottle and Food Bowl Suitable for Dogs and Cats

How to use?

Keep the dog water bottle horizontal, slide lock key down to unlock, and water flows out, down again, water flows out faster.

Too much water?

Keep the bottle vertical to let water flow back. Slide lock key up to the top, and no water leak out.

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Breed Medium and Large Dogs Different breeds of Dogs Cats and Small and Medium Dogs Cats and Small and Medium Dogs Medium and Large Dogs
Material Nylon Nylon ABS Resin Silicone Nylon
Usage Two handle bungee dog leash for walking & Multifunctional Dog Car Seat belt and collar set No pull dog vest and harness with soft handle and reflective stripe Help to increase your pets' IQ and slows down feeding to have a healthy diet Give a comfortable shower to your pets and also a shampoo dispenser Two handle bungee dog leash for walking & Multifunctional Dog Car Seat belt and collar set
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