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Dog Grooming Kit Vacuum

Dog Grooming Kit Vacuum

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HioHa dog Grooming Kit & Pet Hair Vacuum is an all-in-one grooming tool kit that is simple to use, effective and affordable. It provides 6 Grooming Tools and collects 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in. Whether your pet is a long-haired dog, curly-haired cutie, or season-changing pet shedding, our pet grooming vacuum has the answer. While vacuum hair, it contains a variety of professional beauty tools, from combs to scissors, to meet all your beauty needs. All tool has the following functions: 1.With its super strong suction of up to 11000Pa Dog Grooming Kits can easily remove 99% of bio wastes, including dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens, and more, and collects 99% of pet hair into a vacuum container while trimming and brushing hair. 2. Dog clippers has a safe stainless steel sharp blade that easily removes unwanted hair. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner will tidy as it goes, preventing the pet hair from being scattered around. 3.Grooming Brush: The grooming brush gently removes loose hair and dander from your pup's coat while eliminating tangles and preventing mats 4.Deshedding Tool: The de-shedding tool kit removes loose hair & tangles easily in just 10 minutes. 5.Nozzle Head: If you have an active pet or one who spends a lot of time on your sofa, you can tidy up at any time using the vacuum cleaner function 6.Cleaning Brush: Coming back home from a nice walk, take a moment to clean your hands before making a mess at home. 7.Collecting Container: The trigger key on the collecting bin is easy to release. No more hassle to open the case and touch the dirty waste.

  • 🐶【Grooming While Vacuum】Never worry about pet hair again! HioHa dog grooming kit with 11000 Pa suction power collects 99% of pet hair into the dust container while trimming and grooming.It's a quick and efficient way to groom your dog's hair while keeping your floors clean, reducing the amount of hair floating in the air, and giving you a clean, hair-free home.
  • 😸【Grooming, Trimming, Deshedding, Cleaning】Dog grooming Kits comes with 6 accessories and 5 guidance combs.Grooming and de-shedding brushes for daily grooming to promote healthy pet skin and smooth fur; motorized clippers for regular trimming and styling. 5 guide combs of Clipper for different hair lengths. Nozzle, Floor Brush, Roller Brush for cleaning carpets, sofas, floors and clothes.
  • 🐶【low Noise & 3 Mode】The pet grooming Kits is designed with low noise to make your pet feel comfortable and no longer afraid of getting a haircut. It has 3 adjustable suction levels with a minimum noise level of 55 dB, which you can adjust according to your dog or cat's comfort and size. Tips:Familiarizing your pet with the brush before grooming and having some snacks on hand will help your pet not get stressed out by the noise of the pet grooming vacuum.
  • 😻【Larger Dust-cup & Greater Flexibility】Dog grooming Vacuum comes with a 1.5L dust-cup that is 50% larger than other products, so you don't have to empty it as often during the grooming process. The washable hepa filter can be reused many times after drying. With a 5.74-foot (1.75-meter) long hose and an 8.2-foot (2.5-meter) long power cord,you could groom pets in yard or spacious living room without distance limitations.After use, the power cord can be twisted and stored in the bottom space.
  • 🐶【Save Time and Expense】Pet vacuum kit comes with everything you need for a professional pet salon. Instead of making monthly trips to the grooming salon, you can groom your pet at home. 2 trips to the groomer are enough to get a pet grooming kit that can be used hundreds of times.Your kittens and puppies can avoid the stress of being in an unfamiliar and noisy environment. You could also bond with your pet during the grooming process.
  • 😽【Package Inculde】 Dog Grooming Kit *1 , Grooming Tools *6 (clippers ,Brush ,Nozzle, Cleaning Brush,Metric comb Deshedding Tool)
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