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Dog Brush and Cat Brush-With Deshedding Brush

Dog Brush and Cat Brush-With Deshedding Brush

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  • REMOVE UP TO 95% DEAD HAIR-No more losing pet hair in your house with our deshedder brush for dogs. Use 87-teeth side of dog shedding tools to quickly remove dead undercoat. Enjoy your buddy and no worry about shedding with our dog brush for shedding
  • CUT THROUGH YOUR PET TANGLES SMOOTHLY - Shine your pet with our dematting tool for dogs. The inner sharp side of the dematting rake cuts through mats smoothly. And, the outer rounded edge of our dog brush for matted hair is safe for your pet
  • DAILY MASSAGE AND REMOVE DEAD HAIR - Pamper your buddy with our dog matted hair remover glove. Use the 255-tip side of pet grooming gloves to remove all loose hair. Also, massage your paw friends gently with this 25-tip side pet grooming glove
  • CLEAN UP PET HAIR - Keep your home hair free with the cleaning side of the pet glove. Use our deshedding glove to quickly clean up pet hairs from furniture, floor, carpets and more.
  • EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN - As you’re brushing, you just blow on the dog deshedding brush every stroke, and the hair just releases right away. It takes off the hair in a matter of minutes which is really helpful when you are trying to save time

Product Description

Ozark Pet - Professional Pet Grooming Brush Kit for your pets!

- 2 sided dog shedding brush - cat brush for shedding will help you with DeShedding, DeMatting

- 2 sided dog grooming brush - cat grooming brush glove will help you with Cleaning All Pet Hair Effectively


Cut through mats & tangles smoothly with undercoat rake for dogs - cat matted fur remover

Remove up to 95% dead hair with dog brush for shedding - cat hair brush shedding

Gently massage and remove dead hair with dog hair remover brush - cat fur brush

Cleaning pet hair on furniture with dog brushes glove - cat hair remover brush

Your pets will love it!

Use our pet hair brush kit to give them a relaxing massage. Make them comfortable while grooming and leaving their coat soft and shiny with a dog rake brush - dematting tool for cats . The soft silicone tips of the glove are perfect for removing loose hair, considered as a cat brush for long haired cats - dog brushes for grooming large dogs!

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