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Complete Professional Pet Grooming Kit

Complete Professional Pet Grooming Kit

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  • Gentle Grooming: This soft slicker brush features flexible rubber nubs that gently remove loose hair and dead skin without scratching or irritating sensitive pet skin.
  • Effective Deshedding: The rounded rubber bristles penetrate coats to dislodge loose hair and reduce shedding all over the body in a few easy strokes.
  • Ergonomic Design: Angled rubber handle provides a comfortable grip for extended brushing sessions while curved brush head fits easily around pets' contours.
  • Dual-Option Brushing: Two unique brushing surfaces - flexible rubber nubs and closely spaced pin bristles - work together to remove mats and tangles as well as loose hair.
  • Universal Pet Brush: Suitable for dogs and cats of all coat types and lengths, this versatile grooming tool keeps both longhaired and shorthaired breeds coat fresh and healthy.

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