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Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post

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No. of Tiers : Single Layer
Item Type : Scratching Posts
Material : Wood
Origin : Mainland China
Type : cats
Type 1 : Natural Sisal for Healthy Claws
Type 2 : Dangling Ball Adds Extra Fun
Type 3 : Easy to Assemble
Type 4 : Unique art tree theme

Cat scratching post is designed like a canna tree, it makes playtime as real as wildlife and a scratching paradise. The top of the post is 3D simulated leaf and the texture is clearly visible. In addition, the unique design is better match your home. At the same time, greenery also makes people feel full of vitality.


Cat scratching post is tightly wrapped with 100% natural sisal ropes. Sisal rope is strong and durable enough to against cat's claw, but is harmless to your cats. It's suitable for all size cats from kittens to adult cats to scratch and sharpen their claws, while help you keep them from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more.


There are two hanging balls and one spring ball on the cat scratching post. The balls will make a sound, which can attract the cat's interest. The playful design reach cat's content, guide your active cats to use scratching post.


The bottom is made of particleboard with 30cm width. So the heavier bottom combined with the thicker post makes the cat scratch post more stable and stronger. Additional, the bottom is surrounded by flannel, which increases friction and is not easy to slide. At the same time, the soft flannel brings a comfortable experience to the cat.

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