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Cat Bed Honey Pot Cat Bed for Indoor

Cat Bed Honey Pot Cat Bed for Indoor

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Extra thick and soft cushioning keeps your pet ultra comfortable. This cat hut offers a comforting enclosed space pleasing to cats who instinctively love wedging into small places to rest. The cat bed cave also appeals to frisky kitties that enjoy rolling playfully in small boxes or cubbyholes. Specification: Dimensions: (L)16.5*(W)16.5* (H)7.1 in Color: Yellow Materials: Microfiber Fit for:cats, small dogs and other pets

  • Stylish Design: The unique honey pot shape and stylish design of this cat bed make it a beautiful addition to any home decor.
  • Superior Comfort: Our cat bed is made of high-quality memory foam that offers exceptional comfort for your furry friend, ensuring that they have a peaceful and restful sleep.
  • Durable and High-Quality: Unlike low-quality knockoffs, our product is not vacuum compressed to ensure it maintains its shape and color. The thick and vibrant memory foam is highly durable and will not deform over time.
  • Safe and Comfortable: Made with pet-safe materials-microfiber fabric , which is perfect for cats, small dogs and other pets. It is a washable inner cushion that can be removed for easy maintenance.
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